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Black Annealed Wire

The fired wire is made of high-quality iron wire, which is refined from the national standard low-carbon steel wire after pickling and rust removal, drawing forming, and high temperature annealing. Also known as binding wire, annealing wire, good flexibility and wide range of uses.

    Annealed wire has good elasticity and flexibility, and its softness and hardness can be controlled during the annealing process. It is made of high-quality iron wire and is mainly used in the construction industry as binding wire. The main wire sizes are 5#-38# (wire diameter 0.17-4.5mm), which is softer than ordinary black iron wire, with stronger flexibility, uniform softness and uniform color.

1. Our demolition shear,both the main-body and jaws are made from  hardox450.

2.We use boring machine adjust the precision after welding,to avoid the big tolerance leaded by welding stress.

3.The 2pcs jaws is made from 50mm thick hardox450 steel,much more longer life than cast jaw.

4.The blade of this demolition shear,can cut 30mm-diameter steel rod,can cut 20mm-thick steel sheet.

5. Blade is 2pcs 4-side blade,so have a much more longer life.

6. Leadong oil Leadong is equipped with a protective cover to obstruct the splash of concrete and steel debris.

7.The grease injection nipples have cover protected,won’t be damaged in rough demolition work.

8.We have test this products many years,it’s high performance,durable,convenient to operate, it’s a proven technology.

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